Golf Course Rules

All Camaloch Golfers must follow rules to maintain pace of play and ensure the enjoyment of all golfers.
When the rules are not followed there must be consequences for public and association members.
Updated rules will be posted on the course website, association website, scorecard, and at the course.
When rule changes are made, the association must be informed in a newsletter and the rule changes
must be updated wherever posted.

Policy Applies to:

Staff and golfers playing Camaloch Golf Course


General Rules
1. All golfers assume risk of injury to themselves and any liability to others for their actions.
2. All golfers must have their own bag and clubs.
3. All golfers must keep pace according to Camaloch’s Pace of Play policy.
a. Keep pace with the group ahead of you.
b. Play 9-holes in less than 2 hours 15 minutes when not waiting on other groups.
c. Groups can be sped up, asked to skip forward, asked to allow others to play through, or
asked to leave the course by the course marshal or staff.
4. All golfers must check in at the pro shop before starting.
5. Golfers must start play on the designated starting hole.


1. Golfers assume responsibility for their carts and rented carts and any damage done by the
operation of the carts.
2. Players must sign Camaloch’s cart waiver before operating a Camaloch cart.
3. Carts must follow posted rules.
4. When restricted to “path only”, carts must stay on cart paths.
5. When off the path, carts are not permitted within 50’ of greens and tee boxes.
6. Only two riders per cart.
7. No cart drivers younger than 16.
8. No carts will be rented to golfers younger than 18.

Proper Course Etiquette

1. Golfers must wear shirts at all times.
2. Golfers are not to be overserved,
3. Golfers whose music, behavior, or language are deemed offensive by staff or other golfers may
be asked to leave the course without refund if their behavior negatively impacts the behavior of
other groups.

1. Golfers must follow the Minimum Age policy requirements from Camaloch.
2. Children under age 10 are not permitted on the golf course unless being instructed in golf with
their own clubs.
3. Golfers with children who are learning to play are subject to the same rules regarding pace of
play and fivesomes.
4. Players instructing younger golfers are highly encouraged to play during “off-peak” hours.
5. Groups who allow children to run on greens or bunkers will be asked to leave the course.

1. No groups larger than 4 players are allowed on the course without special permission granted by the pro shop staff.
2. Pro shop may only allow fivesomes if there are no scheduled tee times 45 minutes after the group tees off.
3. Groups that play as larger than a foursome will be asked to break up immediately.
4. Groups that continue to group up. Will be asked to leave the course without a refund.
1. Pets are not allowed on the golf course.

Camaloch Association Members
1. “Members” are defined by the association bylaws.
2. Members “not in good standing” are required to pay greens fees.
3. All members are required to follow the same rules that the public follows, this includes pace of play, minimum age, and fivesomes.
4. Members are entitled to use their own golf power cart with no trail fee.
5. If a member loans their cart to another member of a member of the public, a trail fee must be paid unless the member is playing in the same group.
6. Members can book their tee times 2 weeks I advance.
7. Members will receive 15% off soft goods and 10% off hard goods in the pro shop.

– Pro shop staff and marshals may issue warning to any group violating rules.
– If the offense is repeated or is harming the enjoyment of other players, the group may be asked to leave without a refund.
– Groups who endanger other golfers or staff will be asked to leave immediately and may be banned from playing the course in the future.

Consequences for Members
Members who violate the rules are subject to the same consequences as the general public.
Additionally, the General Manager and board may decide to suspend or revoke the playing privilege of
members for the repeated and/or serious violations of the golf rules at Camaloch.