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The Camaloch Association development began in 1967. Originally promoted as an easy commute from the Seattle/Everett area for a weekend getaway, the 466 lots with the amenities of water service, two swimming pools and a 9-acre lake for fishing sold quickly.

In the late 60’s, the membership decided to build a 9-hole golf course with some undeveloped acreage it had. This original 9-holes was built with mostly volunteer help from its membership. Volunteers worked long hours clearing brush, trees and picking up rocks. Opening in 1972, the 9-hole course was well received by golfers in the area, known as a good (better than most) 9-hole layout by most who had played it.

In the late 1980’s, the membership acquired the additional acreage needed to add a second 9-holes, which (designed by Bill Overdorf) opened in 1991. Since then, the membership has worked continuously to improve their course, redesigning/rebuilding the remaining original greens so they blend and conform to the design of the newer (more modern) nine. Over the years, Camaloch’s greens have been praised by many as the “Best Around”, very smooth, consistent and quick! Continuing forward, more irrigation and drainage improvements are planned, as well as major improvements for the driving range and overall practice facility.

Camaloch’s active Board of Trustees works hard to keep their community and golf course assets up do date and improving so their membership and visiting guests alike can enjoy the best experience possible. This close knit community not only lives together, but also plays and works together to ensuring the Camaloch experience continues forward well into the future.

Whether considering a place to golf for the day, or to live full time, it should be noted that Camaloch is located well within the Puget Sound “Sun Belt” on Camano Island, and receives about 1/2 the annual rainfall of the greater Puget Sound area. And how about those days when it’s too hot on the mainland? Camaloch enjoys a pleasant marine breeze from Puget Sound that keeps us as much as 10 degrees cooler on those hottest of days. And remember, only 15 minutes from I-5 and you don’t need to take a ferry to get here.

Our Sanding Program has made our course drier and more playable during the Winter. We also offer an optional Modified Par 3 Course during the winter to keep your drier and playing quickly. Ask about our Winter Par 3 Tournaments.